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Akrotiri Travel

Akrotiri is a modern tourist agency that is specialized in the area of tourism and hospitality, providing complete services to its customers.

It is located in Agios Nikitas Lefkada, in a friendly and pleasant environment. The quality of services to our customers is the cornerstone of our office.

To us, each customer is the center of our attention and is not just equivalent to one more reservation, but identifies with one more challenge for us to fulfill your dream.

Our well-trained personnel with its positive mood and energy are always willing to inform you by offering generously their knowledge and experience.

Akrotiri Travel,
the Easy Way to Transfer!

We address incoming as well as domestic tourism.

Our commitment is to satisfy and why not even surpass your expectations with qualitative and economic proposals.

Time to escape in Lefkada

Meet the beauties of Lefkada by renting a car, or motorbike or even a mini bus with or without a driver.

Find your Car!

If you want your vacation to be unforgettable and avoid the long and endless wait in lines under the hot summer sun for buses and taxis, then you can be independent with luxury  and economically.

Akrotiri travel offers you the solution to live unforgettable experiences on the island of Lefkada by renting you the car that you like.

New cars, in a very good condition with the lowest prices in the market and with many deals for renting from one day up to one whole week.  

Make your reservation now and explore the beautiful island of Lefkada with comfort and style.

Find your Motorbike!

At our agency you will find a big variety of latest technology models that cover our customers’ needs as well as four-wheeler motorcycles to enjoy the beauties of the island by transportation, easily.

Find your Boat!

Make your dream come true and become a captain for a day having the absolute feeling of freedom and at the same time the full responsibility of the boat and its passengers.

 All of our boats are provided with a 30 HP motor and do not require a pilots’ license for high speed boats allowing you to explore all the west beaches of Ionian Sea (Milo – Ekremni – Porto Katsiki) enjoying the turquoise waters as well as the luminous sun.  

Our boats are adequately maintained and are provided with tents, stairs as well as big storage places for your personal belongings. The boat is given full fuel and is insured for physical injury and property damage that might arise in sea with third parties.

So, if you are a challenge and adventure lover during your vacation, the only thing you have to do is to choose the boat you like and we will suggest the best journey for you to live an unforgettable experience.

Cruises in Lefkada

Choose  the cruise that suits you from a widevariety.

The flagship of our fleet

1)Makedonia Palace at Lefkada island was constructed in 2017. It is 44m long and 9m wide, has two main engines providing a total of 720Hp and a speed of 16 knots and has the capacity to transport 550 passengers with safety.Makedonia Palace fulfills the latest E.U. instructions for boat constructions and as a result hundreds of passengers enjoy their daily cruises from Nidri to Porto Katsiki, Kefalonia, Ithaka, Meganissi, Papanicolis Cave, Scorpio, Madouri.

Our main priority is your safety on board. This allows parents to relax and enjoy the cruise while their children play in safety.

2)Ionian Princess at Lefkada island is a beautiful, traditional wooden boat 20m long, has a capacity of 140 passengers with a bar, 3 toilets and a water-slide.It starts from the village of Vasiliki on Lefkada island and goes on a cruise to Egremni and Porto Katsiki.

It is only a 50 minute cruise to these renowned beaches.

3)If again you wish to explore a different side of the island you can take the cruise to the teal blue waters of Kalamo and Kasto.

Ask us about the cruises Akrotiri Travel provides at Agio Nikita, Lefkada! We are ready to serve you and find together the cruise which matches you.

Transfer with a minibus!

Consult our agency and we will service you directly on traveling quickly and with safety to organized and non-organized trips, as well as to and from the airports of Aktio, Athens and Thessaloiki and from the ports of Igoumenitsa and Patra.

Stand up paddle board - SUP

At our agency you can find stand up paddle boards to rent by the hour or by the day.  The board is the best way to explore the west side beaches and they are all returned at the base before sunset.

The renting package includes: board, paddle, spiral association and an individual life vest.  The tenant is responsible for any damages of the equipment as well as the bathers, which we primarily respect.




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